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Security will not let me access your shared drive

I get the corporate security violation when I try to access your drive. Are you able to post this build on a secure ftp site?

I am going to try to pull the build from home tonight - and copy to the office, but that might have mixed results.

Hi Henry

We will post it in the regular site soon.
I believe it should all be back up now.


Hi Henry,

We have asked our Server team to upload the file for us to this community site.
Due to some security issues, we don’t have access to the ftp site to upload the file ourselves at the moment. It might take a while to get it there though. We will let you know when it is done.

Could you please try again from home. Hope that you would be able to get access to the current location from home.

Thanks and regards,

I was able to download the file from home. (glad I pay for fast internet). Will let you know about install tomorrow.

About when do you plan to go GA with 7?

Great. Thanks Henry for getting back to us.

We are planning to go GA in (early-mid) June.


Hi Henry and all,

The download link has been updated in Lidia’s post to