See Different Owner in Object Explorer for Sybase DB

When I connect to my Sybase database and open up the ‘Tables’ tab in Object Explorer I only see Owner ‘dbo’, how do I see another owner so that I can see my table names? I can run queries fine I just can not browse the tables like I wish.

I have Toad for DA


Would it be possible to upgrade to a newer version? This issue is fixed in TDA 2.5 and above.

Looks like V2.1 is the only approved version at this time, I will have to see if I can get 2.5 approved. Is there perhaps a work around in 2.1 or am I stuck?


As a workaround, can you try placing the attached file in the application data directory. You can find a link to this directory in the About dialog box. Please let me know if it fixes the issue.

SqlDictionary.xml (539 Bytes)

Yes, that resolved the issue, thanks very much we love Toad!


I am glad that it is working for you now.

We are all very happy to hear that you love Toad. :slight_smile: