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Seeing each other's test definitions



Our company has recently purchased Quest Code Tester for me to set up automated testing of our Oracle software. I’m one of the Oracle developers here and I’ve succeeded a Prove Of Concept with the trial version in combination with some additional software of our own and I’ve just installed the full version of Quest Code Tester.

Now I have the following situation:

  • Quest Code Tester repository is installed in schema, let’s say, QCT
  • I’ve set up Oracle users, let’s say, USER_1 and USER_2
  • There are some previously exported test definitions from the trial period

I’ve done the following:

  • With USER_1 I’ve imported the test definitions
  • With USER_2 I’ve also imported the same test definitions

What I expected is the following:

  • USER_1 is able to see only USER_1’s test definitions
  • USER_2 is able to see only USER_2’s test definitions

What happens is the following:

  • USER_1 sees both USER_1’s and USER_2’s test definitions
  • USER_2 sees both USER_1’s and USER_2’s test definitions
  • The test definitions have obviously the same names, which makes it even more confusing to pick out their own test definitions from the list

Could this be a feature request and/or is there a workaround?

Kind regards,




First, you can see the test definitions for any programs on which you
have execute authority.

Second, you have identified an aspect of Code Tester that could use
some improvement. And that’s why in Code Tester 2.0, you can now have
multiple test definitions for the same program; you can also view
them through a much more traditional and flexible browser interface.

We should have the final beta for CT2 up by middle of this week. You
can then check out this new approach and see if it will make things easier.

Cheers, Steven


Hi Steven,

Thanks for your answer. I’m looking forward to 2.0!

Kind regards,