"Select all" or "Replace all" functionality in SQL Window of Package entity


I often test packages on the database. If I want to bring all of them in my other databases I copy the packages in Data Modeler and let him generate the statements to do that.

For bringing in the packages I have to replace existing code. I would like to have a function on the right mouse button named ( and funtioning ) select all or replace all.
May be this function is already existing ?

Best regards


Hi Linus,

unfortunately I am not sure where exactly you wish to have this functionality. How do you “replace existing code”?

If you edit a package and click tab SQL, you can select all content by pressing CTRL+A.

If you wish to delete all packages from your model, you can select them in Model Explorer using your mouse+shift key and then delete all selected packages by pressing Del key.




CTRL + A , that’s the information I have been looking for …

Thanks a lot !