Select All Text to send to Optimizer

Enhancement Request -

When in Toad, I do not want to select all the text in a procedure in order to send to the Optimizer. I would just like to open the PL/SQL program and hit the optimizer icon to load into the optimizer.

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To ensure that I pass on the correct information to the Toad team, can you please state the window/module name you want this enhancement to be implemented in.


In Toad … go to Schema Browser > Procedures Tab > Select a procedure on the left and then the script tab on the right to see the syntax.

At this point you have to Select All and then click the Tuning Icon in order to work. Can we skip the select all step and just click the Tuning icon?

Thank you for the clairification.
I will past your enhancement to the Toad team.


We are looking at implementing this soon in Toad - I’ve talked to the Toad PM as well and we’ll let you know as soon as a toad beta that has this integration is ready…

We will have this type of integration available through Toad Oracle 9.5 You’ll be able to right click and send proedure sql to optimizer with that version. You can try this out with the latest version of the Toad Oracle beta.