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Select current region keyboard shortcut?


Is there a keyboard shortcut to select and/or execute the current region that I’m in?

Editor window has 20 different regions defined:
–Region Inventory
FROM Inventory
–End Region
–Region Cust
SELECT * <<<<< if my cursor is somewhere in here
FROM Customer
–End Region


When your cursor is on one of those middle regions my goal is to execute just everything defined in that region as quickly as possible.

What I end up doing, is scrolling up to manually find the top of the region, then scrolling down to manually find the bottom of the region just to select everything in between prior to pressing F5.

Since Toad clearly knows both the start and end of a given region, I’d love to have a keyboard shortcut to quickly perform that selection, AND / OR maybe even better, a keyboard shortcut to execute the current region (if there is no selection).

In Toad Options --> Environment --> Keyboard --> Selection
I didn’t see an option for “Select Current Region” could we have one?


Oh, I should add, pressing the keyboard shortcut a second time should select the outer region.

–Region InsertingData
–Region FieldList
, CustomerName
, Address
–end region
–region SelectValues
, Customer
, Address
FROM SomeOtherTable
–end region
–end region

If cursor is in one of those sub-regions - only that sub-region would get selected on first press of keyboard shortcut. On second press, the outer region would get selected. (First press isn’t usable selection, second press in my example would be a usable selection).


Hi Darren,

thank you very much for your suggestion.

I’ve created CR#110144 to address it to our dev team. First we should discuss the possibility to implement it.

Best regards, Julia


Hi Darren,

As a possible workaround you can use Script Map as it allows to execute regions or just any group of statements in one click. Of course it’s not exactly what you are saying here, but possible you will consider it useful for your needs.

Regards, Stanislav