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select * from dual; ;


This statement:

select * from dual;;

Causes an “Invalid Character” error.

Note the two semicolons.



sqlplus raises error too, so I think sqlnav should raise this error.
But, 5.x alows that synatx…


Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Of course, sqlplus isn’t well known for its syntax. :wink:

That being said, I guess it does do it there so it’s not a big deal. I’m just used to 5.5 not worrying about such things!



Roman has fixed this problem in our internal build.


1:30:09 PM ORA-00920: invalid relational operator

  WHERE (customer like to_number(lpad(to_char(5),2,'0')||
         customer like to_number(lpad(to_char(5),2,'0')||
  AND   model_name like 'XXXXXXX'
  AND   node_value like 'XXX'
  AND   type_flag = 'I'
  AND   ROWNUM < 2;  -- Added Row num if approved Current div and div 0 only want 1 apporval returned DJ 08/24/2006

This is more than likely a true statement, but if you remove the Comment after the ROWNUM < 2 you do not get the error, you get invalid character in Sqlplus and it runs in 5.x. I guess the biggest problem is that the ND in the last AND is what turns red. I tried to recreate this using other tables, but I can not, so I do not know what part of the select is causing the problem.

This also may be fixed, it may be related to the ;; in this thread…


Hi Dale,

This bug is different from the ;; so we’re investigating it. We will let you know if it’s fixed.