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select * from schema.tablename


This will list the contents of the table in a cool window and if you have permissiong to edit the data, you can. AWESOME.

Unless your entering a date. The editor will only allow you to enter the date but not the time.


Interesting. I’m seeing the same thing on on a db. Also, I used to be able to type SYSDATE into a date column and it would flip to the current date/time, but that doesn’t appear to work either.


Hi Henry and Mark,

Thank you for your reporting.

For the issues you raised about the time and the sysdate, we already know them internally, story #SQLNAV1313 and SQLNAV1391 are for them separately.

The reason why we got this problem is because of the new component we use in v7.0 doesn’t have this functionality. We are still trying, making the time allowed is possible, but recover the sysdate input is hard which was confirmed by our developers. :frowning:

Any progress made for them will let you know, thanks.