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Select related entities


I love the “Fill Parent Objects”, “Fill Child Objects” features. These are quite useful to add related objects to a workspace.

However, is there a way to “select” related entities already in a workspace?

I think this would be useful if it does not exist.



Hello Morgan,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Morgan, please write me what you would like to do with the selection (next step you would take). Just to be sure that I understand purpose of this “select” option.

Thanks for the details.

I look forward to your reply.



Sometimes when trying to understand a large data model, I would want to select entities and then format them all simply to change their color in this particular workspace.

Or perhaps I’d like to select a table (or even better, tables) and then be able to use a tool to select tables related to the ones currently selected. Now that they are selected, I’d like to format the group (color again), remove them from the workspace, or copy them to another workspace.




Hello Morgan,

Thanks for the details. Yes, it would be fiine. We will discuss it in our team. CR # 46 091.

Just a quick note as I’m not sure if you know. - In TDM3, you can create categories and assign entities to them. Please see the Help for more information, topic Categories.

Thanks for your great co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team


Thanks for your response.

Yes, I experimented with Categories. Setting a color on a category is useful, but I believe that it affects those entities on all the workspaces.

Sometimes I would like to use a color for an entity or a group of entities just on a single workspace. Having the ability to select as described earlier in this thread and then format all the selected entities would be quite useful I think.

Thanks again.