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Selecting dates using the result window filter


How do I select a null date and/or multiple dates when using the result window


In the Data Tab from Database Explorer, move the cursor to the any Date Column,
select Filter icon, in the dropdown list select (Blanks) – this is null

Select (Custom) – this allow you select multiple dates.




I notice in the release notes for the latest version of toad (140) that you have
modified some of the calendar options to allow the selection of ‘custom’ dates.

I have ran a select query using the editor and the results appear as usual.
However, when I select the filter on a date field, I still only get a calendar
appearing and there is no way of selecting multiple dates or null entries.

I have a screen print if my description is not clear. I was going to attach it
to this message, but I cannot find an option to do this.




The custom dates do not affect the column filters on the results grid. They are
available in the where clause editor in the query builder. If you open the where
clause editor on a date column, you can now define custom date ranges and access
the ranges using a label in the query. You can select Fiscal, Academic, or
Custom calendars then click the button with the pencil icon and you can change
the date ranges. Give it a try and let us know what you think.



[ Attachment(s) from Debbie Peabody included below]

See screenshot.



Thanks for your reply.

I like to use the filters on a result set that I create by running a query in
the editor.

This works fine on all fields except dates as the calendar display limits what I
can filter on.

In old versions of TOAD, it was a drop down list of dates including the option
to select blank and to select a custom range of dates.

Do you have any plans to modify this?



[ Attachment(s) from Debbie Peabody included below]

There are three different filters in the grid. The one you mention is the column
filter. If you choose custom from that list you get a column filter that you can
build like a where condition for that column. If you select the filter cone in
the top left you will get a filter for the whole grid. See attached.



I am still having difficulty selecting null dates using the filter in the
results pane of an editor window.

For example, I run the following query in the editor window:-

select account_ref, account_open_date

When the results appear, I click on the filter icon that appears in the
account_open_date column header when I hover over it.
A calendar appears and there is no option to select blanks or multiple dates.

I have previously been advised to select another filter icon, but this is not


Atul, the date column filter is not very flexible so I created change request 78427 to look at making it work with null values.