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selection pop-up discards characters typed while loading



After typing a period, Toad will spontaneously generate a pop-up with eligible object names.
That’s very handy, and I use it a lot.

However, when I start typing while the pop-up is still loading (may take second or two)
all typed characters are discarded. Matching with eiligible obect names starts with the first character that is not discarded.
As a consequence, Toad does not find any match, or it finds the wrong match, having missed the initial chars of the object name.

Is it possible to change Toad behaviour so that characters typed while the pop-up is loading will be buffered
rather than discarded?

A related issue is the following: when I type an unqualified object name and then find out it has to be qualified,
I simply prefix it with the proper schema name. After typing the period after the schema-name the usual pop-up
appears, but it does not take into account that an (partial or complete) object name is already present.

Would it be possible to make the pop-up filter eligible object names based on text already present
immediately following the period that causes the pop-up to be activated?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
Abe Kornelis.


Fixed for next beta.



it’s a minor nuisance (as compared to access violations…), yet I’m glad you’ve been able to fix it. Awaiting next beta release :wink: