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Self refering table not adjustable


When reverse engineering a database and adjusting the layout I was not able to adjust width and height of a entity that had a self refering FK. For some reason when I select such a entity the FK is being selected too.

My question is: Is it possible to adjust height and width of such a entity? (ie with a helper key like bending of the relation lines) or when it is not possible at the moment maybe could it be a new feature?

For the time being I am using the following workaround:
1 : Be sure the self refering FK is in teh model, in other words : SAVE your model.
2 : Delete the self refering FK from the Deigner workspace.
3 : Adjust the entity
4 : Right-click on the Designer workspace and then select ‘Complete from model…’
In the new dialog window ‘Model complete’ find your FK and select it and the click
Apply or OK



Please disable the “Select Links Automaticallly” option from the Objects menu. Then select the entity and resize it as you need.

Or click the entity -> the entity and relationship are selected automatically. Press SHIFT and click the relationship. -> Only entity remains selected and you can resize it.

If I’ve misunderstood your problem, please write me back.