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Sending Editor to Query Builder


How long should it take to send a query from the editor to the Query Builder? I
created a simple select statement for all rows from a table that has 9 columns &
142 rows. It took 5 minutes to send to the query builder. I opened the task
manager and noticed Toad.exe shows memory usage of 394K. Seems a bit high. After
it successfully opened in Query Builder, task manager usage dropped to 310K
which still seems high to me. I only have 1 editor window & 1 Query Builder
window open.

I closed out TDA and re-opened. Task manager shows memory usage of 220K. Closed
Object Explorer and it dropped to 128K. Ran the select statement mentioned
above- took 3 min 42 sec. While running task manager showed memory gradually
creeping up to 275K and it did not decrease once the results were returned. Sent
to Query Builder – it took 2 minutes this time with memory usage at 358K
(dropped to 312K once Query Builder window opened). And noticed that Object
Explorer is opened once again. How can I prevent that from opening? I
don’t use it – I prefer only to have the connection manager open in
my sidebar. Although closing it seems to have had no effect this time. Once I
closed the Query Builder, memory usage dropped to 25K.

Not sure if this is related to the other performance issue I submitted.


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