server mode


Is there a plan to add an option to run toad edge in a server mode anytime soon?

Hi, could you please describe more what do you exactly mean - run in server mode?

What are use cases for that?


Miroslav Stanik

I mean by server mode that the application is installed on a server and accessed remotely by clients (via browser for example).

The use cases for that is that you can manage the connections in one place without letting the various users of the application know the credentials to the databases, it eliminates the need for users to deal with the installation of the application on their local machines, it makes it possible to connect via jump server when database ports are have to be blocked in the firewall by security requirements, etc.

For example, pgAdmin can run in server mode:

Seems like what is required is a cloud access to MySQL database. Toad Edge could be installed on a Cloud VM such as an AWS EC2 instance and all users could access the same Toad Edge instance.

yes, it is an option how to do it but it’d be a better solution to have an access to it via browser, of course, if Toad Edge can run inside a browser.