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Session Manager: GetSession - index out of bounds

I closed one of my database connections. Then nav reported that the session manager creashed. This has made nave unresponsive and I can only kill nave using the windows task manager.

I am using the 2086 build.

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Hi Henry,

I’m sorry you encountered this error again. We have logged this error and we have been trying to fix it.

Did you leave the session idle for long time before you tried to close it? If you did, the session sometimes ran into time out and connection was lost. SQLNav couldn’t handle lost connection well and you might see such index out of bounds error. We have introduced an option to help to keep the session alive. You can turn it on from Preferences -> General -> Session: Keep existing sessions alive. You can select this option and input an interval value like 10. Could you please try to turn on this option and then do your work as usual? We would like to know whether you will meet the session manager error again after this options is set.

We’ll work harder to address this error in a future release.