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set server output on / off with plsql in nav

Request to enable developers to set serveroutput on in a pl/sql block. This way they can ensure they always get the results of dbms_output.put_line when they want to.

Today if I forget to hit the serveroutput button and run their code - then they won’t get the output.

Hi Henry,

I found out that you raised this before in…/13620.aspx

The story SQLNAV-971 is for it and the status is still open, I will check with our team and let you know how we go soon.



This would be a very good enhancement. Thanks.

Hi Henry and Charlie,

This enhancement is applied in the latest beta build, can you both please have a check and let us know if you are satisfied with it, thanks. :slight_smile:…/21862.aspx

Best Regards,