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Setting a cell value to {null}


When editing in the data tab grid of a table, is there a way to set a cell value
to {null} (as in null value, not the string “{null}”)?

If not, please add this feature to the context menu (right-click) of a cell!



Hi Matt,

Since you are not the first who asked this question we will think about add it
to the context menu.

But I just pressed F1 in Data tab and found the following in the Help topic
(About Working with Data):

Set the value of a cell to null.



Alexander Maximov


Hello Alexander,

Thanks for the shortcut! I should have looked for such a keyboard answer. Sorry
for taking up your time.



No problem, at your service J


Alexander Maximov


I had this same question, did a google search and found this post. So wanted to thank you for providing the answer.


Still helping folks today even. I have been trying to figure this out for a while. Knew it could be done somehow, just finding that out.