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Setting constraint state "no validate" using script

Part of our standards is to set constraint state to “no validate” on the general tab of the relationship properties window.

I can’t see a property in the PERRelation class in the developers reference guide. Is it possible to use this? If so can you please let me know the name of the property and how to access it if not from the PERRelation class?


Never mind. I took a wild stab in the dark and gave NoValidate a bash and lo and behold it worked. I just wish other SDKs were as easy to use as TDMs is.

You might want to think about adding these missing properties into the class reference doc. :slight_smile:


if you work with Oracle, look at PERRelationOR instead of PERRelation. This is database specific item and that’s why it is not available in PERRelation.



Thanks vaclav. Looking at the list of classes in the reference guide now, I must be blind to have missed that it’s so obvious. I must be having an off day.

Thanks for your help.

:slight_smile: You are welcome