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Setting Permissions



I know it has been a while, but I’ve still been using TDM like crazy and the latest beta has been fabulous!!!

I had one suggestion. When creating or modifying a new stored procedure, I find that I have to click three times to set fields in the Permissions tab. I have to click once to select the field I want (say EXECUTE). I have to click a second time to change the view from “static” to a drop down list, and then I have to click a third time to actually change the value in the drop down. This winds up significantly slowing down develop time when I’m processing stored procedure permissions.

Is there any way you could have the field automatically change to a drop down when you mouse over it, or even the first time you click?

Keep up the great work!!!



Thanks for your reaction on TDM Beta.We will discuss this feature (automatic activation on mouse move or something similar).Ofcourse,that I can’t promise if it will be implemented,but you will be informed as soon as possible.

By keyboard :

If you have more permissions,you can move above them with UP and DOWN arrow,selected you can activate for modification by F2 and then you can switch between Users and Groups with LEFT and RIGHT arrow,for commit then use Enter.

And by mouse :

Click to select permission,next click for activation of editing,next click for choose from ComboBox and then click on Ok or Apply -> really not so “friendly” :-/

I think,that better is editing by keyboard,but it’s only my own preference.

So we will discuss it #CR 51 420.