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Setting the order of test (case) execution randomly



all is in the subject: I’d found interesting to be able to set the order of test execution randomly.

Why ? To be sure that all my tests are independant from each others.

Ideally with a checkbox “Random order” in the Test Editor properties.

Also add this feature to determine the test execution order in a suite (but I don’t know how).



Unless you specify an order, they are random… Each test case is supposed to be independent from each other.


I saw in the user’s guide that the order was set alphabetically; Ok, it’s a kind of random but it doesn’t change at each execution.


I didn’t know that (the alphabetical order of the unit tests). Good to know, thanks.


Samuel is right. Currently, we always execute the test cases alphabetically based on the internal program name, which you can change to affect the order.

I will add to our ER list the idea to request random ordering.