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Shaded table in ER Diagram?

I am documenting an Oracle 10.2 database in TOAD (no add-ons) via Database => Report => ER Diagram.
I have added a few tables and materialised views to the diagram and it has automatically added some FK relationships. So far so good.
I then added a new table to the diagram and one of the tables added earlier becomes shaded with cross hatching. What does this mean - is something invalid or incompatible? I can’t find any reference to shading or cross hatching anywhere in the Toad help files. If I delete the new table then the shading disappears and everything appears normal.


table in ERD is shown with shaded cross hatching when no information about the
table is found under active connection. Basically that means that cross shaded
tables can appear in ERD in case you delete table from your database or when you
change connection. I guess you didn’t delete the table from your database.
Please try to press F5 to refresh the diagram. If you want to remove the cross
hatching, right click table name in treeview and choose " Clear Diagonal Crossed
Backround " from popup menu.



Thanks for that, F5 cleared the cross hatching. I also found the clear option on the right click. I hadn’t changed the connection so presumably this was a glitch somehow. This also seems to be an undocumented feature?

Issue has returned and F5 doesn’t clear it. “Clear Diagonal Crossed Background” works temporarily but then F5 reinstates the crossed background.

Where is the documentation for this “feature”? What does the crossing indicate?

What does F5 do? Presumably this refreshes the drawing but is this feature documented anywhere - it isn’t a menu option as far as I can see.

Does anyone use the toad ERD diagramming feature or do people actually use Erwin or similar?

F5 is a well known key shortcut, it is used in many products, such as MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox as well as other internet browsers. Alternatively you can hit a ERD toolbar button with the reloading circle picture. The button is named “Update from database”.

The reloading feature then will try to load data from the database for all workspace objects and update graphics accordingly. If there is an object on the workspace that was not found in the database, it is crossed diagonally.
In the older Toad versions, instead of diagonal crossing there were popup dialogs for each object, stating that table was not found in the database, if my memory serves well.

Hi Matt,

regarding ERD and tools: ER Diagramming in Toad is good for quick visualization
of your current database structure (active connection is required). Additional
features that allow you visualize database structure (reverse engineer your
database structure and create ERD/model), model new objects offline (no
connection is required), generate reports and generate SQL/DDL are available in
Toad Data Modeler.

See or have a look at



Thanks for that, I’m aware of F5 from firefox etc but couldn’t see it against any menu items in toad.
I’ve just upgraded to Toad 11 so I’ll look at Toad Data Modeler that is included in the basic bundle and see if that is a better tool for documenting my schemas.