Sharing object annotations asking for password


I am trying to share object annotations which creates a creates a Microsoft Access database named QuestShared.mdb (stores shared notes and lookup tables) however opening it up on access asks for a “Database Password”. Is there a default password Toad uses? The database password used to connect does not work.

1-30-2014 2-52-33 PM.jpeg

1-30-2014 2-51-13 PM.jpeg

I am pretty sure it is QUEST. This database uses a ldb file which contains the connect data. Perhaps the database got moved without this file?


Thanks Debbie, that was it. It doesn’t seem like it captures notes on a Query Builder however.

It depends on the context. If you click on a table and right click, these notes are stored in the shared annotation cache. If you right click on a white space in the diagram the notes are saved in the query builder file. The same is true of the ER Diragram.

So the shared annotation is really only for table notes.