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Sheesh - this interface is tough to figure out


I am not sure about this new toad world interface. It does not appear easy to figure out and post. I like the old site a lot bettter. just saying.


I appreciate the input. What can we do to improve the interface and make it more useable?

  • Lars


there is a very very long list of things that are wrong with this site. Most of the page is used to display Logo, header, options, etc.

you can’t easily see other conversations and what is happening in those conversations.

your focus needs to be on letting us tell qa and dev about nav. Everything else is noise. As usual quest is focused on toad and treats nav as the read headed step child.


I agree about the size of the fluff. The top "Toad World toolbar is at least twice the size it should be. The middle “SQL Nav Beta Program Community” toolbar is 3-4 times bigger than it should be. When I pull up this page, the actual Forum, the reason for the page, is barely seen at the bottom. You have to scroll down to get to the forum, which is purpose for going to this page. Same when you click on a note to read, you have to scroll down to read it.

Also, please add hover hints for the eyeglasses, thumbs up, etc. icons at the bottom of each thread.

Is there going to be any sort of search or filter capability?

One more, when I click to Edit a message, there is no “Cancel” button.




Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely going to take care of these issues.

  • Lars


I agree with the above, a couple of things I’ve noticed. (I did want to wait until I had been familiarized so I don’t say something obviously do-able), but here goes.

  1. The recently viewed. In the old page I had red dots to tell me there was new stuff since my last visit. Being old I can not remember if I’ve read a thread or not. My job requirements do not allow a lot of time out here so I need the ability to catch up quickly and not reread threads I have already read. I just don’t have time for that. I know there is an email feature to notify me of changes, I prefer not to use that as the emails become more of a distraction (squirrel…).

  2. When going to Beta, to get back to navigator there is no short cut I can find. I have to go back to the top and explore a product. Would be nice if I had some way of switching between the products I selected to monitor quickly.


Totally agree. Maybe it’s just getting used to it, but so far. Bleck.