Shortcut not to save when closing editor page

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ToadEdge allows to close a editor tab with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+w. After that, a save editor window pops up whether to save or don't save like below. If I do not want to save the editor window, I have to press tab and then right arrow to get to the "Don't save" option. It would have been nice if it was possible to select the "Don't save" button by pressing the "n" button or by pressing the right arrow once to highlight "Don't save" and press enter.

Save editor window


Thanks for your suggestions here. Agree that this would be nice, and in fact, would be nice to have the product adhere to some of the standards that Microsoft has set for WIndows apps.
e.g. Alt key to underscore with letters what can be shortcutted, like Alt-F to bring down the File main menu, or Alt-E for the Edit menu, etc.
e.g. or even the direct keys like "s" or "n" to save or not in the Save dialog boxes, etc.

Quest Dev team take note please.

BTW, you don't have to press the arrow key to get to the Don't save, as Tab-Tab will work.... Minor point, granted, but pressing Tab twice is a little quicker than Tab-Arrow.

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Hi Anish, your request was moved to the Toad Edge Idea Pond forum. Our product team reviews the forum entries for future enhancements. Thanks for helping improve our product.

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