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Shortcut puts cursor at beginning

Say, when I use the Code Shortcuts it puts the cursor at the beginning of the code inserted. In the previous version it put it at the end.

You guys changed this awhile back, but this version seems to have reverted (unfortunately) to the beginning.

Can we get it the way it used to be?


thanks Jet

I have raised PT37071417 for this issue, we will try to get it in the next beta drop for you.


Hi Lidia,

this is better, but can we just leave the cursor at the end of the string unless the shortcut has a carriage return at the end?

Hi Jet

From what i see 6.7 leaves at the end, not new line, so it should be possible to do same for 7.0

I’ll update PT37071417 and we will try to do this for the next beta drop.