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Show only nth label on x-axis


Dear all,

I have a bar chart in a TDP report showing data from the last 90 days. I need to see the actual date as a label on the x-axis. However the axis gets too crowdy.

Is there a way to only show, e.g. every 10th label/date?

Currently running on TDP 3.2.

Thanks in advance,



You can stagger the labels or turn then at an angle. You have to look rather thoroughly through all of the chart options. I would have to hunt myself because I can’t remember the name. But I have done it before.


Thank you Debbie for your reply. I thoght I went through all possibilities but couldn’t solve the issue. However, I decided to upgrade to TDP 3.3 (which was due anyway) and now everything loosk fine. Don’t know why, but also not willing to go back to 3.2 for further testing.

Best wishes,