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Silent installation issues


I am having some issues with creating a script that will enable me to install ToadDataPoint_Beta_5.0.0.448.exe silently. I have never had any issue when the .msi’s are available but with the .exe I am unable to get a switch to stop it initially asking for x64 or x86 and then quiet or silent act as passive and show progress.

Any help would be appreciated.


please try this command line, I could install it without asking for x64 or x86. By default, it installs x64 version.
C:\components\ToadDataPoint_Beta_5.0.0.448.exe" /S /Lx “C:\components\installLog.txt” INSTALLDIR=“C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Point beta 5.0” USERNAME=“toadstudio” COMPANYNAME=“quest” ALLUSERS=1

Lyla su