Simple model merge



Simple model merge allows you to set up “What to Merge” OTP’s - but seems to ignore them.
Whatever I set up, I get everything merged.
Is this correct behaviour?


Hello Malcolm,

Yes, it is our bug. We know about it and will fix it. CR # 70 347.



Vladka + TDM Team

Hello Malcolm,

Let me return to the issue of OTPs selection in Simple Convertor/Merger.

I will try to explain how it works now. (In any case, our developers are working on it at the moment, so there will be some changes. The improvements will be available in next Beta.)

We can divide the list of the OTPs into objects that:

  • are fully independent (functions, procedures, defaults, packages, synonyms…). When you clear the checkbox for them, the objects will not be converted/merged.

  • are dependent on another object/item/property. We call them ‘necessitated items’.
    For example, when you select entities, the domains that an attribute of an entity has will be converted/merged automatically too. It’s the same with relationships or user data types. If these objects are related with the entities, they will be merged/converted although you disabled them before.

In this group, there are also the following objects: views, materialized views, notes, note lines, categories, entities. They are objects that have their graphical representatives on the Workspace. - So, they are related with the item ‘Workspaces’ in the OTPs. In practice it means the following: Although you disable object Views, views will be merged/converted as you didn’t disable graphical representatives of them. You would have to disable also: Workspaces | Shape List. But, in this case, no graphical representatives will be converted/merged (WS will be empty, without any shapes).

The Sync & Convert Wizard allows you to make manual changes on page Select Items. There, you can disable also the graphical representative of particular object View, Category etc. So, for this purpose, please use the wizard, not the Simple Convertor/Merger.
It’s shown here:

Anyway, as I’ve already mentioned, some changes will be made. I will document it for the next Beta.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.



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