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Simulate concurrent scenario with multiple bind varables input


First of all I must say that I am totally new in this great BF tool, so I have one question.
I have imported traced file (traced when Oracle Forms have been used) and I get the .xml file in which I have many bind variables.
Now, I want to simulate concurrent user environment doing the sql from imported trace file, but with different values for bind variables.

Please tell me, do you have some suggestion about how to simulate for example 50 users in concurrent access with totally new values of bind variables for each. Can I use some kind of file where I can put this values but BF will take randomly values for each of them. For example if I wish to give BF values for 3 bind variables for every user

bind1 bind2 bind3

10 20 30

40 50 60

70 80 90

55 33 22
45 23 32
… … …

How I can tell BF to takes bind values for first user in next order for example

How I can tell BF to takes bind values for second user in next order (maybe randomly, but not the same values like for first user)

Do you have some idea about this?

Best regards,