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Single row Copy


When you are in the single row view on the grid, and you click on Column Name to sort, then click on one of the Values and try to copy it (either ctrl-C or right-click and Copy), you get the following error:

Internal error occurred; see file ERROR.LOG for details

Oddly enough, there isn’t a problem if you don’t sort the column names.

A “nice-to-have” would to be able to sort by Value as well.




Hi Charlie,

Thanks for giving us feedback, much appreciate that.

For the error I have raised SQLNAV-1566 for it and we will try to fix it in beta soon.

Sort by value is a great idea, ER SQLNAV-1565 is for it.

Thanks again,



Hi Charlie,

This issue has be resolved in the latest beta, can you please check and confirm? For the other issues in single row view area, we are still on the way, thanks for your patience. :slight_smile: