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Single Row View Issues


Hi Guys,

If I’m in single view mode in the sql editor and I switch to another tab, it loses my “place” and goes back to the top.

Also, is there a way to copy the column name in single row view? Seems like it would be useful.



Were you switching between Code Editor tab? or between result tabs?

Copy column name in single row view: maybe 6.1



Code editor tabs. I’m switching between one sql query and another in different tabs.


THese are the steps that I followed. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Open a code editor tab
  • Run a simple query (switch to single row view if necessary)
  • Move to record number 4 for example
  • Open another code editor tab
  • Run another query
  • A result set was return in single row view format. the cursor is at the first record
  • Switch back to the other tab
  • Cursor is still at record number 4

It looks alright to me.



Sorry, no, that’s not what I meant. But now I see where I confused you.

If you have a table with a lot of columns and you go into single record mode and scroll down the columns, it loses your place when you switch between tabs and puts you back to the top of the record. Not on the column you were just looking at.

Is this more clear?



Ok, I get it now. I talked to Bruce and we decided that we will fix this issue in 6.1.