Slow export for single row to an append table in access.

I have 8 queries in an app that are automated 2 of which are append to table. They take a total of 5 mins to run total. Recently, it takes 3 hours to run and export. The export is slow if I run the query in an editor and export and appended to table too. This used to run in under 30 mins but has recently taken 3 hours. There are less than 100 entries on the append tables and it is a single row of export. I have other apps with more queries both overwrite and append that do not have this problem Any solutions? I


TOAD for ORACLE 12.1 32 bit

Access 2010 32 bit

I have solved the slow export time by compacting and repairing the Access DB. It went from 689k kb to 4k kb and works in under 10 minutes now.