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Small bug displaying objects list in code explorer



When you use in package body, declaration of indexed table type, all other objects ,except prcedures and functions , are not listed in code explorer.
Watch attachement, this is simple test package witch some declared types. But in code explorer yau can see only this one that are declared higher than indexed table type. When table type is not indexed everyhing looks ok.

Check this.
Regards Piter

clips.rar (271 KB) (369 Bytes)


Hmm… I’ll have a look at this shortly Piter…
Thanks for the attachment!



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We’ve managed to replicate this Piter.
Yep… it isn’t right.
As you say, there are two issues…

  • The fact that they are not displayed in the tree.
  • The order that the tree displays the shown entries.
    Both issues have been logged.
    Thx for your help!



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