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Small formatting issue


This statement formats like this:

SELECT create_datetime,
NVL(DECODE(doc.document_type_id, 50000000084, doc.attribute_value_2, NULL), ‘null’)
FROM sa_documents doc
WHERE --create_datetime > ‘30-aug-02’ AND
doc.attribute_value_2 IS NOT NULL AND
doc.document_type_id = 50000000084
ORDER BY create_datetime ASC;

If you take the “–” out then it formats properly.

options file attached.

FmtOptions.opt (9.19 KB)


Hi Jet,

Do you mean the 1 space difference in the line after WHERE? That’s the only thing I could see. I can raise a CR for it. :slight_smile:



Yeah, that’s why I said it was a “small formatting issue” :wink:

The concern, of course, is that it’ll lead to a bigger issue in a more complex statement. Just trying to do my part.