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Small misprints



I’ve just installed TDM3 Beta and started testing this tool. Looks great!

First petty issues I have found are:

  1. There are small localization misprints in the dialog box Export to Graphic File, Tab JPEG - “bity+bitu” instead of “bits” (see attachement).

  2. Editing attributes of entities you have possibility to select more than one attribute, but when you try to make multiple changes - all actions are applied just on the attribute which has the cursor set (eg. the first or the last you have pointed selecting multiple attributes whith SHIFT key). This is a little bit confusing - you couldn’t select more than one attribute earlier in TDM 2.



Hi Marcin,

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. This bug will be fixed in next release. CR # is 28 509.

  2. You can make multiple selection of attributes:
    a) in the Entity Propeties form,
    b) in Model Explorer.

The multiple selection is possible so as you can copy/move the selected attributes (in the Model Explorer, within the Entity Properties form etc…) So, this is the reason. In any case, you can edit/delete only one attribute.

Thanks for your great co-operation!




The other one misprint you can find in “Reverse engineering wizard”. Section “Type of connection”, listbox “Select a component type. (…)” there is teh “OBDC” string instead of “ODBC”.




Your perception is fantastic! Thanks!
CR # 28 529.

It’ll be fixed in next BETA release.