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Smallll thing with save pass



One smallll thing i’ve observed. In sqlnav 5.1 in logon form save password checkbox was ordered afther password edit box. In tihs situation when user uses tab save pass was focused afther password edit box. Now in 5.5 afther pass edit, “ok” button is focused. I thing it’s better to focus save pass afther pass edit, because when user want to connect simply pressing enter, not tabbing on Ok button.

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

I have double checked the form, the tab order of the save password field is after the password edit field. ie. when you tab through the password field, just press the spacebar to turn on or off the check box (even though there is no indication that the save password field is focused, it actually got the focused…).



Hi Bruce!
Sorry about that , of course you are right, i havn’t seen this checkbox activated, because I have WinXP with compositions activated (silver schema) !
When i press tab, checkboc is checking.
I’m Rolling back this thread!

Regards Piter


No problem at all Piter . Thanks for getting back to us on this.