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Smart generation of code body.



I have a proposition with special option in pl/sql editor. So when you create package code, first you place the declaration of procedure/function, than it could be that we use smart shortcut to generate block code in body.

For examplle.

You are creating function ‘test’. Just type in package or body:

function test return varchar2;

Than click smat shortcut and in body we can see:

function test return varchar2 is
end test;

Something like that we can see in Borland Delphi. So I think it could be nice improvement for programmers…
Think about it.

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

Thanks for your feedback on this.

‘Code Better, Faster’ is SQL Navigator’s objective. Our goal at Quest is to provide you a tool which you can write your code faster and better. Your suggestion is quite spot-on and will help us in this process achieveing our objective.

We will put a lot of effort in post 5.5 release, to make improvement to the workflow in our product, we will take into account your input.

Thanks and regards,