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Smart open packages from pl/sql editor


Is there any posibiliy to extend functionality of open other packages from body (ctrl+click). Package is opening but cursor is not placing on the specified procedure. It would be nice when cursor will be placed on the beggining of the procedure in package.

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,

We will raise a request on your behalf and will ask Roman to look into this for you.

Thanks and regards,


Hey, Piter,

You can do it now. Go to Preferences/Code Editors/Templates - and open dialog box called “Code Shortcuts and Templates”. In current 5.5 Beta, in View menu we added “Code Templates”, which can be docked and added to Project Manager. From “Code Templates” click on a button “Edit Code Templates” which opens “Code Shortcuts and Templates”, allowing to assign shortcuts - so, an access to the fucnctionality is easier. Have a look at it. See also screenshots,


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Hi Andrew!
You have right, but code templates are static text. I was talking about generated template, including right name, variables etc. Maybe it would be useless to extend functionality of code templates, including keywords variables. For example in code template i define:
<proc_type> <proc_name> is

end <proc_name>;

And specified code can be generated.

Thans for reply Piter.


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