Snapshot File Preview takes >1 minute to launch - Toad 12.6

I’m comparing development schemas to production acquired SDXML snapshot files. The ellipse to get to the Find Files button is averaging 70 seconds to load. I can’t load 12.7 yet to see if it is any better. I have ~120 historical ones in my dropdown if that matters at all.

I wonder if it is slow because it is trying to load the preview info of those 120 files. If you temporarily move them to another folder, does the window open fast again?

As a test, I created about 200 snapshot files varying in size between 10K and 100M. For me, the dialog opens in about 20 seconds. I’ll take a look at it though and see if there is something that I can do to optimize it.

I renamed several of the folders that are in the Compare Schemas|Schema Snapshot File dropdown (by the ellipse) and it took it down to ~20 seconds. Is there a way to clean this list? I also removed several from the Snapshot File Preview. The single row removal restriction leaves a lot of room for love, but it is a pre-holiday Friday and I have no aspirations of breaking anything important.

In your user files folder there is a file called DEFSLRU.TXT. This is the list of files. You can delete or edit that file. DBDEFSLRU.TXT is the same list for the database snapshot files.

I’ve made a change for the next beta and 12.8, so that after we parse these SDXML files to get the information shown in the dialog, we’ll store that info in a separate file and the dialog will open nearly instantly, even with hundreds of files listed.