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Sneak Peek for v1.5


Ok, so one of the new toys Steven & Co. are working hard on are the ‘Quick Build’ test cases. These are a categorized group of prebuilt Outcomes you can quickly add to any test case.

So, if you don’t even have the time to define your outcomes, you can start with the several dozen out of the box!

Another frequently asked goodie implemented - Test Builder can now be used to edit existing test cases :slight_smile:

See the attached file to this post to see what it looks like now.

Look for the Beta Program to ramp back up in January.


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Tonight I attended the presentation Steven did in the Netherlands and he showed just a glimpse of the v1.5 release.
And I must say I’m impressed. I thought it was hard to figure out from just the screenshot what I was looking at and how it would function, but this is awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next release.

By the way… I really enjoyed the presentation. (but then again, I always enjoy Steven’s presentations)


Hello everyone, I just wanted to get you excited about 1.5. We are looking to go to beta VERY soon. We’ll post the details here on the community soon.