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So... where's the Gorgeous Dell T-Shirt? Patiently waiting 5 months now...

This question is totally NOT about the shirt (ok, ok… I admit it’d be so cool to get one of course). This post is really about a promise that is not being kept–I hate that.

On 18th February there was this Toad Data Point User Survey. Everybody who would participate would receive (quote) “gorgeous Dell T-Shirt”. Of course I’ve helped–no problem. I know my Survey has been received, because I had a following up email.

And then… silence. I sent one reminder, on 16th May. More silence… and still no gorgeous shirt.

I still love TOAD though! But I think you should keep your promises. :slight_smile:

–Ronald (hint: size Small please [:P] )

I’m with Ronald :). I also did the survey and until he sent this forgot all about the fact that I didn’t receive a shirt! :). Chad King

Yikes! Sorry, gentlemen, I thought all of these got sent out! I will make sure these get out to you this week. My apologies!

Thanks, Julie! I’ll let you know when I’ve received the shirt. :slight_smile:

FYI, scanning through my “favorites” posts and I saw this and noticed I still have not received any shirt from dell :slight_smile: for the survey done in July.

Thanks again.


don’t forget about me!

Hi Fellas,

These were sent out a while ago - i did have a couple of overseas ones returned because the postage was incorrect, but the others should have gone through. I will send out replacement ones tomorrow.

you can email me directly if you dont get them soon -

(Do you know the joke of the neverending Toad T-shirt Story) ;-))

I think the shirt has been shipped by boat, and it has sunk in the Atlantic Ocean?

(No, I still have not received the shirt…)