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Some bugs and questions


build 825

I create a package body (create or replace package body etc).
And want to “publish in spec” some functions (as in SNav 5). How?

Open package (ctrl + f2). Click to Spec tab. Try to move cursor by keyboard arrows.
Oops! Cursor is still at the beginning of text. Why?


Hi WebByte,

  1. We are aware of this one… this is a work-in-progress.
    We will try and have this fixed up for the next beta build for you.

  2. Good catch!! We are aware of similar glitches in other parts of the application, but have not seen it here… as a workaround you can toggle between the Body and Spec subtabs and the cursor will unlock.

Thanks for the feed-back!!

  • Jaime -


Ok, I’ll wait for the new version because I know about other mistakes, but I am not assured, that you do not know about them


Do feel free to give us a list of the ‘other mistakes’ I’m sure there will be ones that we don’t know about yet!!

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Jaime -


Ok. For example:

  1. Cursor problem again:

In the editor write any code;
Click “Spool to screen” button.
Try to click anyware in the code. Oops!

In DB navigator I see 2 IOT table in my schema.
But when I open table (CTRL + F2), I can see another
in the SelectBox

They are the Index-Organized Overflow Tables.
But why are they in the SelectBox and not in DB navigator tree?

  1. Try to create package + package body. It will impossible if you do not use SQL for it.

  1. Yep, this one is really annoying… Roman is working hard to get rid of this error for the next drop.

  2. We need to filter these ‘SYS’ tables from the drop list. I’ve added an enhancement request to do this.
    They actually are in the DB Navigator tree… they are in the ‘Store Tables’ node at the end of the tree (see the attachment).

One thing I noted while investigating this for you, is that the DB Explorer tree shows these ‘SYS’ tables in with the other tables in the regular ‘tables’ node. We should move these from here, to the ‘Other’ node (perhaps).

  1. The package creation functionality is not working well, we must fix this up!!

Thanks for your feedback…

  • Jaime -


This query (and similar) doesn’t work:

with tq as (
select ‘test’ test from dual

The result grid does not appear. But in the status-bar “sql statement executed” appears


No doubt about it… your ‘eagle eye’ has picked up another bug…
More work for us to do before the next beta drop

  • Jaime -


select * from (
with tq as (
select ‘test’ test from dual
) SELECT * FROM tq )
works properly. It looks like statement beggining with “with” is seen as PLSQL statement.



Is it a bug or a feature, Piter?
I often debug sql-statements for future pl/sql procedures and use “with” in statements where it is necessary. It’s very uncomfortable to use the outer SELECT for it. :frowning:

And is it a bug or a feature?
“Code completion” function does not put into the editor the arguments of the procedure/function but only the name of procedure/function. It’s necessary to do it manualy.


about “with”, of course it is bug :wink:


Heh, an old versions’ bug (or may be feature?)

When I copy value from the query-result grid, LF is added before value.


hi ,

If you mean LF is line feed then we are already aware of this issue. It will be addressed for one of our future Beta build.

Thanks & Regards


The WITH clause has been fully implemented now. Please wait for the next build.