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Some comments on latest beta


TDM3 beta.

  1. When you open the SQL preview tab from the entity properity dialog, the attribute name drop down is still highlighted so if you use the mouse wheel to scroll through the attribute list or SQL text instead you scroll through the list of entity names.

  2. If you close down a block of code using the +/- sign in SQL preview, the window returns to the top of the text window or where ever you clicked last in the the text window instead of remaining at the current text location.

  3. In SQL preview, reserve words that are included in comment text are highlighted based on reserve word highlighting. For example:

COMMENT ON COLUMN “OWNER”.“ENTITY”.“ATTRIBUTE” IS ‘A flag indicating whether or not this item is from the left or…’

  1. Oracle RE does not pick up attribute names correctly. I have some entities that have migrated foreign keys, but the RE uses the parent table PK name instead of the child table’s name for the FK attribute. This might be a result of an incomplete subtype relationship in ERwin.


Hi Bruce,

please accept my apologies for the delay. Vladimira was not in the office and I overlooked this message. I’m sorry.

  1. CR 38480. It’s a bug and will have to be fixed.

  2. The +/- sign works in SQL preview? Something new for me :slight_smile: Please send me a screen shot. Thank you in advance.

  3. CR 38492. We will need some time for analysis and then for preparing the solution. It’s a matter of a component and its grammar - not totally easy task. But we will definitely look into the matter.

  4. CR 38493. Our DB specialist is going to do appropriate tests.

Thank you very much for sending us your feedback again"




Hi Bruce,

re item 4:

Please, can you send us SQL script and maybe a sample ERWin model where it is modeled? You can send it to

Thank you,



Bear with me. My desktop computer is down, taking with it all of my TDM models, my ERwin models, and my MSSQL and Oracle databases. I’m a bit limited as to what I can do right now.


Continue to bear with me. I’m bringing my computer back to life. Here’s the screen shot for item #2, SQL preview. This is from TDM3, not TDM3 beta.

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SQL preview from Video Rental.doc (63 KB)


Hi Bruce,

Thanks very much for the screenshot.

I’ve tested it in full version clicked - sign at line 28 (and also others) and it worked OK. However, in Beta, I was switched to the top.- Just as you described.

In any case, the signs - and + shouldn’t be there at all. We will fix this. CR # 38 985.

Thanks for your great co-operation and good luck while bringing your computer back to life! :wink:


Vladka + TDM Team

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For #4, I can’t duplicate the problem now that I’ve brought my computer back to life. (Actually, it’s a new computer with the old software installed.)

I’m not allowed to send you any of my development models so that won’t help. I do still have the model where the attribute names got messed up so I could clean that up and send that with some comments if that might help. Let me know how to proceed. Since I can’t duplicate it easily, I’m not inclined to spend a lot of time on it.


Hello Bruce,

Yes, please send us anything that shows the problem. Any information will help us.

Please send it to:

Thanks very much!


Vladka + TDM Team


I’m posting some support files offline.


Hi Bruce,

Thanks. We got the files and tested them.
Please check out your email box - we’ve sent you the result.




Hi all,

just an update on problem #4 - CR # 38 493:

We have verified this issue and failed to simulate the problem. Bruce cannot reproduce it either. “I’m reasonably sure that the error happened originally in a beta build prior to 166 and certainly before the official TDM3 was released.”

We agreed to close this case.

Bruce, thansk very much for your extraordinary co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team