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Some errors in sqlnav5x


My friend has problem with sqlnav:

Sqlnav crashes with many messages “program is unstable…”. His system is Win2000. Program crashes sometimes afther logon worm is showed, sometimes afther select on table.
I had similar error on win2003 but i can’t reproduce it now.
Sqlnav 4x working wihout any errors.
Error log in attachement.
Any suggestions?

Regards Piter (181 KB) (372 Bytes)


Hi Piter,

I believe that the window layout has been corrupted, pls ask your friend to delete the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator\Docking Windows, then restart SQL Nav again. Pls let us know if the problem still occurs.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Bruce! Now it works!


I see Chuck has slipped back into his feathery disguise again


Exactly! Sometimes he feels better in this body


Hi Piter,

Thanks for the update. Sorry for a late reply. Have been busy with the Team publishing the Final Beta to you and other users.

Glad to hear that we have been able to assist you and your friend on that issue.

Thanks and regards,