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Some more various issues with respect to build 1049


Hello down under,

Some more various issues with respect to build 1049 (ascertained by me colleague Alex)

  1. The formatter ignores all properties changes – even after restarting the Navi.

  2. Code Completion & Dot Lookup are summarized in one option. Consequently it’s not possible to differentiate between the (tiresome) Code Completion in PL/SQL and the very useful Dot Lookup in SQL. Unfortunately either both of them are active or not.

  3. Dot Lookup: The column names are displayed only in alphabetical order. In 5.x the order was like the column order (id) in the table. Would be nice (at least) to have a opportunity for choosing an option. The main drawback from the alphabetical order is, that in most cases PK and FK columns are at the top (left site) in a table – but the are not named alphabetical … - and so (often) one has to navigate through the lookup list for just a key column.

  4. In cases when the dot lookup doesn’t work anymore for quite complex SQL-statements (what happens very often) one can accomplish a describe on a table name. However in the describe window one can only print the content but not copy it into the clipboard. Such an option would be an advantage over the 5.x.

  5. You are doing an search with Ctrl+F: In 5.x it was possible to abort this and resume the action with F3 in the editor window. This doesn’t work no longer in the current 6 beta because the focus (of the cursor) is no longer inside the editor window after leaving the search dialog.

Best regards

Andre and Alex


Hello Andre and Alex,
Thank you for the valuable feedback. We are getting too close to the release date of 6.0, so most likely your input will be taken in 6.1.
Thanks again,

PS. The formatter issue is known, the workaround is to copy the formatter options file to the SQL Navigator home directory.

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A workaround for issue #2 is to turn off the code completion/dot-loopup option and when you wants the list to pop up, simply use “Ctrl+Space”. This will prevent the list from poping up all the time but you can still access the information when you want.

I’m not clear about issue#4. Do you want the names of the columns to be copied into the editor or do you want all the information in the Describe window. If you only wants the column name, you can drag and drop them into the editor.

Hope this helps


By the way, could you explain, in what sense is Code Completion “tiresome” ? Does it slow down typing? Does it stay on your way?



Hello Gwen and Roman,

these are the answers from Alex:

I’m mostly work with maximized windows. Getting a description in this case, is a maximized describe-window. Now I have to change the window size the be able to drag and drop the column names. If I could copy the names to the clip board, I had to make ctrl+c, ctrl+tab and could use it into my editor. That’s would be easier for me (because I’m still typing).

Code completion:
Working into a Package makes it necessary to type new names for new objects. In this case the code completion with a short delay time confuses me. A way to use this feature it to set a high delay time. On the other hand is a short delay time good for dot-lookup, because in this case I wont to have a quick response by getting the column names. That’s the reason why I prefer separate options for code completion/dot-loopup.

Best Reagards


Hi Andre,

I think we have several work-arounds for issue #4.
You can still drag the columns into the editor without having the describe window minimized. After highlighting the columns, drag the mouse down to the code editor button in the taskbar, hold for a second and the code editor will get focused. Then you can release the mouse and the columns will be pasted in the code editor. (You can refer to topic “Dragging objects to a hidden window” in the Online Help)

Another way to do it is to use the Describe tab in the Toolbox. Because the toolbox is docked next to the code editor. It’s easier to drag and drop.

For code completion, it’s a bit too late to make any drastic change but we will definitely take your feedbacks on board for 6.1.



Hi Roman,

the stuff with the Formatter Options is still an issue. Even when I copy the files as you advised to me.
While trying to make it work I found the there are two potentially option files.
fmtOptions.opt and FmtPlus.opt
And for my installation both of them are changed with the same timestamp when i press the save button.
However the changes I made and save does not work at all.
Please take a closer look to this soon. It’s really annoying.

Also these thing did happen formatted is being marked unnecessarily again during my test with “real” stored packages too.



Hi Andre,
There will be a lot of changes regarding the Formatter in 6.1 and we will make sure these issues are addressed.


Thank you Gwen.
I do hope 6.1 will come soon…