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Some New Things


Some new things,
1.About sql history, it would be very helpful to have possibility to filter/manage sqlHistory, for example by connection, by type , by execution date etc (like windows history)
2. Stored proc editor, Save/compile could be under Ctrl+s (like in old editor). When you’re editing package , your favorite action is save/compile, I liked ctrl+s because it’s intuitional, in UE ctrl+s opens save file dialog, which is unusable while plsql coding. When I want to save stored proc into file - i generate ddl.
3. Custom colors could be fully done.

Regards Piter

  1. Yes, this area does need expanding.
    Some have mentioned that the ‘Statement Recall’ functionality is more useable than what is currently in the UE.
    There is a CR to have the ‘SR’ implemented into the UE, but your suggestions are also very good. I will raise an enhancement request for these.

  2. I’ll discuss these points with the team. I will let you know what we agree on!!

  3. There is an outstanding CR for this (raised by Charlie)…
    Yes, we do need to get this implemented!!

  • Jaime -


new observations:
4. State of statement without results in grid (grants, alter etc) after execution is not showed so clearly. I can see only red,yellow or green button on window bar, with comment. When I edit statement, only color of button is changed and “modified” comment is showed on bar, I think that comment at the right of the colored button should be deleted, you can see comment from previous execution. In old editor we have green dot or red X (and all statement is colored on error) at the left of the statement, I think that presentation is more clearly for users. Green dot we can see after script end…
5. Execution of grant,revoke statements with semicolon at the end doesn’t work.
6. Execution of sql with semicolon or slash at the end is showed as script end without execution time. Leave the time please :wink:
7. When sql has errors, red button is showed. When you correct sql and reexecute statement button is still red.
8. Currently running statement could change color, like in old editor.
9. “exec” command not working for me, try :
exec dbms_lock.sleep(5);
Does sqlplus commands works?
10. Explain plan Tool doesn’t copy sql from editor. EP icon could be placed on UE bar too.

Regards Piter


Hi Piter,
Thanks for the new observations. They are as astute as usual
I need help with No. 7 though…

  1. Yes, there is ambiguity (when running the grant (etc.)). Not as clear as the old editor!! CR raised.

  2. CR raised.

  3. CR raised (because you said please).

  4. I can’t replicate this, the button it turning green after successful re-execution of the script (can I have a specific example).

  5. Agreed… I thought I’d raised this, but couldn’t find a CR, so I’ve raised it again.

  6. Not working for me either… CR raised. Some SQL Plus commands are supported, but can’t find my list. We should be supporting all that was supported in the old editor, as people will expect it.

  7. There is already a CR raised for explain plan integration into UE.

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
7. I forgot, this situatuin hapends only when you executing statements without results in grid, i checked for “alter”. Watch attachement…Please :wink:

Regards (47.4 KB)

  1. Thanks for the clarification Piter… yep, I can replicate this one. CR has been raised.
  • Jaime -


8. Ctrl+I and ctrl+u doesn’t work, only ctrl+shift+i indents region.
9. Goto line not working
10. While editing package, you can click on object in package to describe/open, i think Ctrl+ object_name is better to do it, it’s intuitional (like in other editors). This linking could be working for types in body too (as in delphi editor)
11. Dot lookup not filtering object list while typing name
12. Shortcuts to bookmarks could be added
13. Outline of package body objects is not as useful for me like in old editor. I’m using procedures list to locate in body, alphabetical order is better fo me, phisical position of procedure in body is not important. Of course it would be nice to have posibility to change order of object, by phisical position, type or name…
Displaying type of object in outline in full name (PROCEDURE name, FUNCTION name) takes too much place in outline window, icons would be better.

Regards Piter

usual ---->useful :wink: corrected

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Hi Piter,

  1. Regression CR has been logged

  2. Regression CR has been logged

  3. Regression/enhancement CR has been logged

  4. Known issue… CR already in the system.

  5. Enhancement CR has been logged

  6. Regression CR has been logged

Thanks for the feedback!!

  • Jaime -


Hi Piter,

Issue 13 has been re-evaluated, here is Roman’s feedback:

UE’s toolbar has a dropdown list of package’s procedures, ordered alphabetically; it does what Piter is asking. Changing the order of items in Outline is impossible, because it reflects the structure of the code.

  • Jaime -


The dropdown list of package’s does not have type of object. simple icon would be helpful.I think Drop down list is not that useful for programer as full list near edited code. As I said in previous post phisical structure of package is not so important… Maybe second outline like in old editor, could be added?



Hey Piter,

Roman has replied thusly:
Sounds fair. It’s not difficult to me to add types to the dropdown list; I think we need to also add icons to the list elements to distinguish procedures, functions and types.
I don’t agree though that the physical structure is not important. It may not be if all procedures are very short and simple, but if you have more than a couple of nested loops, ifs, etc., it becomes crucial. Actually now we have also outline in the gutter, so the main Outline is going to be used just occasionally.

I’ve raised a CR for adding types to the dropdown list.

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
talking about phiysical structure i meanded position of procedures and functions inside body not real code in each procedure - its important ;). i’m working with huge packages for example, package to manage some schema objects has procedures/functions like : ADD_%,DROP%,EXISTS% and so on, often procedures are overloaded, and all of them was created in different time, when was needed. Physically they are randomized in body. So when i want to display names of procedures i wish to have them grouped by name…



Hi Piter,

Thanks for the clarification. I had a chat with Jaime and Sekhar earlier on this. We are on the same page with you on this requirement/request.

I will discuss with Roman on this thread tomorrow and will try to get this in for you soon.

Thanks and regards,

  1. Now Tab and Shift+Tab indent/unindent selected text, like most editors. I will bring back the old shortcuts too.
  2. I’m working on this.
  3. Already fixed. Actually, it doesn’t filter but rather makes the first matching name current.
  4. They are there, why? Ctrl+Shift+digit to set a bookmark, Ctrl+digit to go to one, like it always was. Perhaps your main menu still contains the old bookmark operations (that don’t work), you need to reset the toolbars (right-click a toolbar and select Customize, then Reset).
  5. We talked about this already. The Entry dropdown on the toolbar is all you need. I’ve added icons to each item in the list that indicate the type of each entry (procedure, function). The Outline will remain what it is now - a big picture of your code. Note that Outline works even for scripts, you can navigate in a script by clicking the Outline.