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Some notes to the new beta 817:


Hello ,

Some notes to the new beta 817:

  1. Also in the good old DB-Navigator F3 (for quick browse) don’t work anymore - although it is still present in the right-click menu… That’s too bad. I hope DB-Navigator F3 will remain a part of Navigator?! Also I really do think that these F3 has become a kind of standard over the years (even for TOAD this it true!) - and you should not throw away this. Believe me - this is a bad idea. If you need a short cut (or F-button) for a new functionality (like DB-Explorer) please just choose a new (or no longer needed) one for this issue. Beside this - so fare I found no point inside DB-Explorer where a hit on F3 triggers any actions. So please make F3 working as expected and well known for thousands of people.
  2. In some situations in DB-Explorer “close tab” don’t really close the tab(s) not via F4 and not via the mouse menu . In some cases nothing happens in some just the text (code) disappears (but is back when you click the (not closed tab) the next time, in some cases the cursor just jumps to a different tab. So fare I had this two times, but at the moment I’m not able to surely replicate/reproduce the circumstances that make this happen. The only indicator is that I had open SQL and Code editor tabs at the same time. But maybe other guys will observe the same issue and try finding this out.
  3. Although the Parameters and Symbol views are very rich of details I really do miss the old well, known view where I can see all the units in short in the Package spec node. I think this is still very useful for an overview and you should re-integrate this in the new DB-Explorer. This is especially meaningful since no (roughly) details for a packages are visible unless I open it in the editor. And this is a awful way for just to get a short/simple overview like it is to get very easy from the old DB-Navigator. To keep a long story short: Let the view and infos for packages (specs) as it was (and still is) in DB-Navigator and every thing is fine with the new DB-Explorer.!
  4. The Ref-functionality is really cool ! I like it from the right from then start!
    Some hint in addition: I will be off for 3 weeks. So if you don’t get any answer on your posts it’s just because I’m out of business. But as Arnold (alias Terminator) said: I’ll be back! :slight_smile:

Best regards


Hi Andreml,

Thank you very much for your feedback on code editor.Our development team are investigating the issues.we will post the update on these issues at our earliest convenience.



Hi Andre,

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. Since F3 in the main menu is reserved for Find Next, it conflicts with F3 for Browse. I’m not sure why it didn’t happen before. We will certainly strive to enable F3 for Browse both in DB Navigator and DB Explorer.
  2. I haven’t seen this happen yet. I’ll ask our QA people for assistance with reproducing this.
  3. We plan to add the Entries node under packages in DB Explorer. However, I don’t agree with the request to put the old Code Explorer into Code Editor (if that’s what you are asking). I believe we have enough navigation tools already: Symbols, Outline, the Entry combo box on the toolbar, etc.
  4. I knew that users would like this feature. I think the more you use it, the more you’ll like it.

Best regards,


Hi Ramon,

your are faster than I ever could believe :slight_smile: So I’m still at work.
Only one note:
<3. We plan to add the Entries node under packages in DB Explorer.>

This is exactly what I meant.
No disagreement between you and me.

Thank you!