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Some Problems... New Beta?

Is there a new Beta Release out? I wanted to document some minor problems/enhancements I encountered the last weeks:

  1. I would like to habe a keyborad shortcut for "Save As..." in the Editor.
  2. In the navigation window on the left side, some of the numeric columns (like Rows in the Table view, and others) are left aligned instead of right aligned.
  3. When I select multiple Tablespaces to generate a series of DISPLAY DATABASE commands, there is a missing new line (CRLF) after the command terminator ";" and the following display command.
  4. When generating an extended alter for a table with RI, at the end of the script there is a Check data genererated. But for the altered object and not for the dependent as it should.
    So there another tablespace left check pending, which I have to check manually.

But, I'm missing Version 6 already!

Thanks alot

Martin Ebneter

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for your feedback, the Beta cycle for version 6.0 has been closed, but there will be a new one starting soon. Below are comments to your findings.

Save As Keyboard shortcut

There already is a possibility to assign your predefined keyboard shortcut to Save As action.

In main menu, go to Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard and search for "Save".

Then assign your favorite keyboard shortcut to this action:

Bad numbers alignment

We have created issue TDB-1448 for this one.

Missing CRLF for multiple DISPLAY DATABASE commands

Unfortunatelly we were unable to reproduce the issue on latest beta, can you specify which build are you using or attach a screenshot?

Missing additional CHECK DATA after extended alter

The issue has been passed to development team and we will post the results to this thread soon.

Once again thanks for feedback


I installed an older Beta Version ( and I realized, that the problem is not with the DISPLAY DATABASE but with the START & STOP DATABASE:


Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the START command formatting issue - I have opened TDB-1467 to track that issue.