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Some suggestions in few words



I have some propositions with improwing dba functionality in db_nav. I tried to list 10 most needed options for my friends.If you can please try to include some into new sqlnav :wink:

  1. Try to add posibility of selecting directly on subpartitions, from db_nav tree.

select col_list from table_name subpartition (subpartition_name)
2. Select statement could be generated with list of columns, like for table, without * character.
3. Options for subpartitions could be extended, like for partitions.
4.New options could be added for partitions/subpartitions like: rename,merge,split,exchange,add new …, rebuild unusable local indexes, and so on…
5. Unusable indexes, should be marked (for partitions and subpartitions too)
6. New option for indexes - rebuild,rename,… (with options of course, including tablespace)
7. New option using “move tablespace” for tables, partitions and sub…
8.Support for tablespaces, like ddls, and manage parameters.
9.Session browser (kill is most wanted :wink:
10. Better blob viewer with viewing as simple text ,not only in hex, maybe some support for utl_compress.

Regards Piter


Some useful suggestion Piter,
We’ll toss them around and see if we can help you!!
Stand by for an update…