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Some things with Materialized Views



C_wancio reminded mi some things with MV.

  1. When you use refresh from wizard, you can select rollback segment.Everything is ok until you are on database with Automatic Undo Managment. If you chose other than default , and click refresh error is raised. I think this option should be locked for database using this mode. ( default in 9i and 10G).

  2. When you have MV with refresh method identified as complex, when you edit MV and click complex : code is generated:

alter materialized view …

refresh …

with complex --this line is invalid.

To simulate this , please create MV using scripts included in the attachement.

Check this…

Regards Piter (358 Bytes)


Thanks for pointing this out!!
And thanks for the sql script too!!

I’ve logged a CR to cover this one. We’ll prioritise it at the next CCB session.